Product Feature

Task Management
Business Dev
  • Chat
  • Contact List
  • My Place
  • Photo
  • News
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • ScanPDF & Signature
  • Notes
  • Document Center
  • Support Log
  • Approval
  • Timesheet
  • Check List
  • Calendar
  • Check in / Check out
  • Leaves & Overtime
  • e-Claims
  • Objectives & Key Results
  • eLearning
  • Ideas
  • HR
  • ERP
  • CMS
  • Acct
  • SSO
  • Password Policy
  • staff Maintenance


As business professionals, we are well aware of how important it is to communicate in an efficient and secure manner.

Instead of checking a half-dozen apps to find out an old message, team chat apps gives you one place for everything, from random conversations to private messages with your boss.

Major Feature

  • All communication data and business documents are saved securely in the private cloud.
  • Create different communication groups for different projects or teams in a highly secured channel.
  • Share video, Audio, Images real-time.

Contact List

View and use the contact list of your company through your mobile

Major Feature

  • Auto-sync with company record
  • Click to call function
  • Send email from the App

My Place

My Place is an App that lets you share your Travel/Living experiences and pictures with others, discover new Photo sharing communities, and much more!

Major Feature

  • Log your trips and Places and built memories
  • View other's suggestion
  • Include pictures and videos
  • Add location to google map

Photo(Defect recording)

The i-RMS Photo App allows users to take photos, record whether the item being photographed is in good or poor quality and mark the areas of issue with written remarks.

Major Feature

  • Capture photos of Defect
  • Add multiple folders
  • Work in the field and report fast and easy
  • Data CANNOT be manipulated.
  • Photos are time-stamped and securely stored


News is the central element of Gima , and providing the most frequently updated content. This 'latest news' section is used to communicate a range of news items, including: CEO messages. major corporate updates.

Major Feature

  • News with photo
  • Expiry date
  • “new” icon for the newly updated news

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security system that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access Gima. 

Major Feature

  • Free with Gima
  • 2FA Forget password flow

ScanPDF & Signature

This App allows you to scan a Document and make PDF. Signature is a signature App provides a digital mark indicating agreements to a document or contract

Major Feature

  • Scan and make PDF
  • Sign on the scanned document and save PDF
  • Share your scanned PDF via email
  • Export scan to PDF to Document center


Notes for Gima is an useful app that allows users create new notes, add and check off items in lists, and view reminders.

Major Feature

  • Full list of Notes in one page
  • Quick edit in dashboard

Document Center

Standardized secured business document center within the company network.

Major Feature

  • Share Documents and images throughout all of your devices
  • Available on Desktop and All Devices
  • Version Control
  • Easy sharing with Single login
  • Easily Extend the App with all intranet App

Support Log

Help Desk Service and Support App for Customer Support.

Major Feature

  • Sync with company projects
  • Grant access right for different customers
  • Create ticket with your mobile
  • Take image and
  • Notification email Alert to the related team


Approve all company claims in one click anywhere anytime.

Major Feature

  • Approvers can approve / reject claim applications via all devices
  • Managers allow viewing the applications of the team of their department
  • Show Pending applications on Dashboard for quick action


Our Timesheet App includes features related to attendance and timesheet, Cloud-based allows employees to access from any devices and places

Major Feature

  • Available on Desktop and All Devices
  • 24/7
  • Check-in and out function
  • Timer
  • Sync with company project codes

Check List

An App for users to complete the checklist in a quick and easy way

Major Feature

  • Work in the field and sync the result to the system
  • Add image to the tasks
  • Multiple Projects and folders


Calendar can be used as a way to increase your productivity. One example of this is through time blocks. You can schedule time to work on important projects allowing you to complete those that are a priority or have deadlines

Major Feature

  • Easily create Company event
  • Create personal event
  • Invite different parties
  • Event reminder

Check in / Check out

check-in/check-out system is a specific type of asset tracking solution that is specifically focused on circulatory assets like tools, file folders and rental or library items. 

Major Feature

  • Accuracy – Maintain a complete record of where every asset is and who is responsible for it.
  • Simplicity – Quickly process each transaction will a couple clicks
  • Efficiency – Reduce the time required to locate items.
  • Accountability – Hold each user responsible for all the items they use.

Leave & Overtime

These Apps allows employees to ask for a leave of Apply for Over Time work easily on their mobile

Major Feature

  • Staff can apply Leave and Overtime from Office or Home or anywhere
  • Staff can check their application status
  • Once the Approvers approve the request, it will automictically update the Summary


Apply Claims for Petty Cash, Travelling expenses online anywhere.

Major Feature

  • Upload image or take photo along with their claim application
  • Staff can check their application status
  • Apply Claim anywhere and on any devices


Goal management tool that helps Track individual, team, and organizational goals., improves team engagement and increases visibility & collaboration.

Major Feature

  • All in One Place Dashboard, see Team, Dept, Company goals in one place
  • Progress Chart for easy viewing
  • Easy step by step goal set up


eLearning is a cost-effective; companies save a substantial amount on the travel and accommodation costs of both learners and instructors, as well as the venue and materials.

Major Feature

  • Ready to use
  • Auto Saved on the cloud
  • Reuse your Course materials
  • Complete Courses with Test and Assessment
  • Log and Report
  • Web and Mobile ready


Turn employee’s idea into a real project, allows them to describe the concept in a company platform.

Major Feature

  • Allow employee describe their idea and concept
  • Voting system
  • Separate Ideas into different categories or groups

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